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A Study on the influence of country image on purchase intention of Chinese consumers based on Fishbein’s model of reasoned action: Focused on USA, Germany, Japan and South Korea

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20093:621

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This study finds that Chinese consumers’ perception of country image can be divided into four dimensions: appraisal of the relationship with China, degree of country development, general product appraisal, and general people appraisal. The items in these four dimensions vary for different countries. The study incorporates country image into the Fishbein’s model, and finds good fitness between the model and data, which suggests that the Fishbein’s model has good generalizability and cross-culture adaptability. Results show that country image has no direct impact on purchase intention; instead, it impacts on consumers’ purchase intention indirectly through the effects on functional appraisal and symbolic appraisal, brand attitude and subjective norm. The effect of country image on purchase intention varies for different products. Specifically, the effect of country image on purchase intention of apparel is greater than that of cell phone, and that on purchase intention of car is the lowest.


  • country-of-origin
  • country image
  • Fishbein’s model
  • purchase intention