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Table 4 Variable measurement item list

From: The influence of the corporate social responsibility disclosures on consumer brand attitudes under the impact of COVID-19

Measuring variable Measurement item References Factor loading CR Scale reliability
Under the impact of the epidemic, the enterprise fulfills its ICSR The enterprise values the safe working environment of its employees Glavas and Godwin (2013) 0.854 0.922 Cronbach’s α = 0.924
The enterprise provides employees with job opportunities requiring valuable skills and talent 0.796
The enterprise protects the rights and interests of employees 0.921
The enterprise gives employees a sense of security 0.884
Perceived enterprise self-sacrifice The enterprise sacrifices its interests for the benefit of employees de Cremer and van Knippenberg (2004) 0.751 0.835 Cronbach’s α = 0.884
To protect employees, the enterprise has taken a risk 0.866
The enterprise helps employees solve difficulties, even at the expense of its interests 0.758
Perceived degree of enterprise losses The enterprise is affected by the epidemic and suffers a great loss in performance Lynn (1982) 0.841 0.896 Cronbach’s α = 0.933
The enterprise is affected by the epidemic, and its survivability is greatly challenged 0.853
The enterprise is affected by the epidemic, and it will be very difficult to resume production 0.889
Consumer brand attitudes I am willing to pay a higher price to buy products (services) of the enterprise’s brand de Cremer and van Knippenberg (2004) 0.798 0.943 Cronbach’s α = 0.917
If I have not been in contact with the enterprise’s brand before, I’m now willing to try to buy the enterprise’s branded products (services) 0.924
I am willing to continue buying products (services) of the enterprise’s brand in the future 0.933
I am willing to recommend the enterprise’s branded products (services) to others 0.927