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Table 1 Total assets and financing volume of different business types

From: How different types of financial service providers support small- and medium- enterprises under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic: from the perspective of expectancy theory

  Financial institutions Credit-enhanced FSPs (C) Pairwise comparison
Commercial banks (A) Non-bank financial institutions (B)
Total assets (p < 0.001) 7.46 3.00 2.76 A:B***
Financing volume (p < 0.001) 5.28 2.61 2.48 A:B***
Number 37 108 127  
  1. Notes. The p values in the first column refer to the overall differences between the three types. The values in this table refer to the average score of the corresponding items in the Appendix of each type, reflecting the objective condition of surveyed FSPs. The higher the value, the higher is the total assets or financing volume in the last fiscal year
  2. *** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, * p < 0.1