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Table 1 Numbers of paper selected from international journals

From: Marketing research in China during the 40-year reform and opening

 Location of the search keywordFine tuned
TitleKeywordAbstractFull text
Journal of Marketing
 Search key word: China431110725
 Search key word: Chinese00671
 Duplication exclued in total   94
Journal of Marketing Research
 Search key word: China0187313
 Search key word: Chinese211261
 Duplication exclued in total   134
Journal of Consumer Research
 Search key word: China20515512
 Search key word: Chinese505168
 Duplication excluded in total   225
Marketing Science
 Search key word: China0031046
 Search key word: Chinese10240
 Duplication excluded in total   130
  1. Notes.The results are subject to the time between January 1978 and October 2018