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Table 4 Supplementary analysis on complementary effects

From: Comparing the configured causal antecedents of exploration and exploitation: a fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis

Configurations Outcome = Exploitation Consistency Coverage
6a Stage*Unit Interdependence* Entrepreneurial Bricolage 0.93 0.45
6b Environmental Uncertainty*Unit Interdependence* Entrepreneurial Bricolage 0.93 0.63
6a + 6b Unit Interdependence* Entrepreneurial Bricolage *
(Stage + Environmental Uncertainty)
0.93 0.69
  1. Notes. Because “stage” is a multi-value variable, we convert it to a fuzzy set when manually calculating the configurations’ consistency and coverage. We use the indirect calibration method proposed by Ragin (2008) and assigned 0, 0.33, 0.67, and 1 to the seed, start-up, development and maturity stage, respectively. “0” means “fully out” of the set of maturity stage; “1” means “fully in” the set of maturity stage; “0.33” signifies more “out” than “in”; “0.67” denotes more “in” than “out”