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Work-to-family enrichment and voice behavior in China: The role of modernity

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20115:128

Received: 12 October 2010

Published: 19 May 2011


There is a lack of knowledge in the literature regarding the effects of the work-family interface on employees’ behaviors while taking into consideration of cultural values in developing countries. This study investigates the impact of work-to-family enrichment on employees’ voice behavior by focusing on the moderating role of modernity in a Chinese setting. Results from a survey of 230 Chinese married managers indicate that work-to-family enrichment positively influences voice behavior. In addition, the enrichment-voice relationship is weaker when modernity is high rather than low. The findings are discussed in terms of their theoretical and practical implications for human resource management.


voice behaviorwork-to-family enrichmentChinamodernity