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The relationship between CIO’s presence in the top management team and IT’s contribution to corporate innovation: An empirical study

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20104:116

  • Received: 13 March 2010
  • Published:


This study investigates the impact of CIO’s presence in an organization’s top management team (TMT) on the contribution of information technology (IT) to corporate innovation. A new theoretical model is proposed based on the literature review. Through a survey of 120 CIOs of Chinese companies, we examine a series of hypotheses developed based on this model. Our findings reveal significant influences of CIO’s presence in the TMT on IT’s contribution to corporate innovations. The findings also suggest that such impacts are mediated by TMT’s IT knowledge. Furthermore, we find the significant moderating role of TMT’s risk appetite, i.e., when the executives are more willing to take risks, the relationship between CIO’s participation in TMT and the importance of IT to innovation is more significant. Theoretical contributions and practical implications of these findings are also discussed.


  • chief information officer (CIO)
  • top management team (TMT)
  • IT knowledge
  • risk appetite
  • corporate innovation