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The development and validation of an organizational cohesion inventory

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20104:115

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This study develops a scale, organizational cohesion inventory (OCI), which measures cohesion at the organizational level. The OCI contains six dimensions: employee centripetalism, leader cohesiveness, task cooperation, interpersonal harmony, benefit sharing, and value identification. We conducted three studies to develop and validate the OCI in the Chinese context. In Study 1, we generated and selected scale items, and examined the construct validity of the OCI. Study 2 tested its incremental validity and nomological validity. Study 3 assessed its concurrent validity. In general, results of the three studies show that the OCI has good psychometric properties. It is therefore could be useful for more thorough and comprehensive studies on organizational cohesion.


  • organizational cohesion
  • scale development
  • validation