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An I-P/C model of employee-organization relationship: A dual perspective

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20104:114

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Most existing studies on employee-organization relationship (EOR) are either from the employee perspective (e.g., the psychological contract approach) or from the employer perspective (e.g., the inducement and contribution approach). Drawing upon prior research, we propose in this paper an inducement-performance/commitment (I-P/C) model based on a dual perspective. Our empirical test on the model reveals that developmental inducements have stronger effects on employees’ contributions than economic inducements, and that the incongruent perception of inducements between employees and managers moderates the relationship between organizational inducements and employee contributions. We also find that employee satisfaction varies in different I-P/C combination categories.


  • social exchange theory
  • employee-organization relationship
  • perceptual incongruence
  • job satisfaction