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An empirical study on paths to develop dynamic capabilities: From the perspectives of entrepreneurial orientation and organizational learning

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20104:3

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Dynamic capabilities are regarded as a strategic premise to creating, maintaining and upgrading sustainable competitiveness. Considering organizational learning as a mediator variable, this study tests the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and dynamic capabilities, and identifies paths to develop dynamic capabilities and the components of these capabilities. More specifically, the factor analysis method was employed to verify that dynamic capabilities are comprised of four dimensions, i.e. environmental sensing capabilities, change and renewal capabilities, technological and organizational flexibility capabilities. It was found that dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation have a significantly positive effect on dynamic capabilities to different extents, while organizational learning, which has significantly positive effect on dynamic capabilities, plays a partial mediating role between the two. These findings indicate that companies can build dynamic capabilities through different levels of organizational learning in the context of innovative and proactive atmosphere.


  • entrepreneurial orientation
  • organizational learning
  • dynamic capabilities
  • mediation effect