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Effects of transactional leadership, psychological empowerment and empowerment climate on creative performance of subordinates: A cross-level study

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20104:2

Published: 14 February 2010


This research surveyed 101 teams, involving 497 team members and 101 team leaders, in a large multinational company in China. A hierarchical linear model is used to examine the hypothesized mediated moderation model. It is found that: (1) individual psychological empowerment is positively related to creative performance; (2) the relationship between transactional leadership and subordinates’ creative performance is moderated by team empowerment climate; (3) individual transactional leadership behavior is positively related to subordinates’ creative performance in teams with higher empowerment climate, but negatively related to subordinates’ creative performance in lower empowerment climate; and (4) the relationship between transactional leadership, team empowerment climate and creative performance is partially mediated by subordinates’ psychological empowerment perception. Theoretical contributions and practical implications are also discussed.


transactional leadershippsychological empowermentempowerment climatecreative performancemediated moderation