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Corporate entrepreneurship in the enterprise clusters environment—Influence of network resources and entrepreneurial orientation on firm performance

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20093:27

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As the business environment becomes increasingly complex and dynamic, more firms begin to adopt corporate entrepreneurship strategy in pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage. Based on the network theory, this paper compares three types of resources acquisitions and argues that unique network resources are the underlying reason that entrepreneurship activities benefit from enterprise clusters. It also explores the relationship among network resources, entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and firm performance. Finally, drawing on the data of the enterprise clusters in Zhejiang Province, empirical results show that a firm’s performance is positively related to entrepreneurial orientation and network resources, which greatly increases the enhancement of EO to firm performance.


  • corporate entrepreneurship
  • enterprise clusters
  • network resources
  • entrepreneurial orientation
  • firm performance