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Corporate strategic management: Static and dynamic paradigms

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20093:3

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Based on an analysis of the dynamic trend of the environment in which Chinese enterprises operate and the theory of dynamic competition, this paper seeks to propose a new strategic management pattern—the “dynamic paradigm”, which has mainly resulted from an integration of the theoretic contributions of the two strategic management streams. It ultimately aims at enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic management in an environment full of uncertainties. The dynamic paradigm designed to explore today’s real business world is characterized by: 1) viewing strategic management as a process of both proactive plans and in-the-process reaction, both point and process decision-making and both rational and non-rational decision-making; 2) stressing the roles played by speed and innovation in the dynamic competition; 3) highlighting the inherent ties and the interaction among the three phases of strategic management; 4) emphasizing the critical impacts on the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic management by corporate governance, organizational structure, managerial mechanism, mode of control, composition of top-management team and corporate culture.


  • dynamic competition
  • corporate strategies
  • strategic management pattern