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  • Research Article
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Corporate organizational capital, strategic proactiveness and firm performance: An empirical research on Chinese firms

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities20093:1

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Organizational capital is an institutional arrangement in a firm’s production and management activities, which helps integrate all resources in the firm and affect the firm’s strategic choice and performance. This paper classifies organizational capital into three subtypes, namely power orientated capital, norm orientated capital and knowledge orientated capital. Moreover, strategic proactiveness is also brought into this influencing process. Results show that strategic proactiveness fully mediates the effect of power orientated capital on firm performance, but partially mediates that of norm orientated capital. It is also found that neither power nor norm orientated capital affects innovative performance, whereas knowledge orientated capital affects directly both financial performance and innovative performance. The significance of this research is to provide a meaningful supplement to the theory of decision-making-process for the top management team. Suggestions on how to cultivate organizational capital are provided for Chinese enterprises.


  • organizational capital
  • strategic proactiveness
  • innovative performance