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An empirical research on the patterns and influencing factors of strategy formation processes


Using data collected from 126 firms, this article attempts to classify different patterns of strategy formation process and identify organizational factors influencing the processes. Based on a clustering analysis method, we identify four patterns of strategy formation processes varying in main characteristics, such as command, adaptive, vision, and external constraints, etc. We also find that a firm’s ownership type and its development stage have significant effects on strategy formation processes.


通过调查 126 家国内企业, 对企业战略形成过程进行分类, 并探索战略形成过程差异的组织因素。 采用聚类分析, 发现中国企业战略形成过程存在 4 种类型, 其主要特征表现在命令、 适应、 愿景、 z外部约束等方面, 同时发现: 所有制类型、 企业发展阶段对企业的战略形成过程有显著影。


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  • strategy
  • strategy formation
  • strategy formation processes
  • strategy-making
  • clustering analysis


  • 战略
  • 战略形成
  • 战略形成模式
  • 战略制定
  • 聚类分析