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A research on the relationship between academic entrepreneurs and enterprise performance: A three-dimension model


This study attempts to identify factors influencing the performance of enterprises established by academic entrepreneurs(AE) and to explore the relationship between these factors and enterprise performance. To this end, the authors propose a three-dimension model consisting of academic entrepreneurs’ personal traits, human capital, and the entrepreneurial environment. Data of 84 AEs from 12 Chinese universities are used to empirically test and improve the model. Theoretical contributions and implications are also discussed.


该研究的目的是考察影响学术型创业家所办公司绩效的因素, 以及这些影响因素与웳业绩效之间的关系。 以中国大学环境中的学术型创业家为考察对象, 描述了一个基于学术型创业家个人特质、 人力资本、 创业环境与웳业绩效关系的三维分析模型。 对来自中国12所大学的84位学术型创业者的实证研究, 检验并修订了该理论模型, 为设计듙进学术型创业家成长的政策找到了理论依据。


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