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Effects of job satisfaction, affective commitment and job involvement on job skill ratings

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Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities2:8


    In this study, we surveyed 272 post-holders from four different occupations, namely, public servants in charge of HR administration, software engineers, web editors, and newspaper advertisement salesperson. We found that the three job attitude variables of job satisfaction, affective commitment and job involvement all have significant effects upon job skill importance ratings and skill level ratings after controlling for occupational and demographic variables. Further comparison revealed that job satisfaction has a greater influence upon the above two ratings than affective commitment and job involvement. Also, we studied several occupations comprehensively in the present article, which is beneficial to a deeper understanding of factors influencing job analysis ratings and is thus of great importance to future job analysis research and practice.


    • job analysis
    • job satisfaction
    • affective commitment
    • job involvement