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Study on the relationship between organizational career management and job involvement

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities2:7


    This research aims to examine the relationship between organizational career management(OCM) and job involvement(JI). The measures are the OCM scale developed by Long(2002) which was based on Chinese native enterprises’ status and the JI scale developed by Kanungo(1982). We administrated surveys in five enterprises and acquired a sample of 192 valid cases. Results show that the correlation between OCM and JI is significant (α=0.01). Moreover, the correlation between the four dimensions of OCM and JI is significant. Among the dimensions of OCM, Promotion exhibits the highest correlation with JI whereas Focus on Training has the lowest correlation with JI. Results show the vitality of the organizational career management in organizations.


    • organizational career management
    • job involvement