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Impact of team conflict on team decision quality and satisfaction: An empirical research in China


Conflict is a pivotal variable influencing team decision performance. This article reviewed literature on intragroup conflict and studied how different types of conflicts affect perceived team decision quality and satisfaction. We conducted a survey on 156 managers and found that the task-relationship conflict dimensions are also valid in the Chinese context. We also found that both task conflict and relationship conflict are negatively related to team members’ decision satisfaction. Relationship conflict acts as a mediator between task conflict and decision satisfaction.


冲突是影响团队决策绩效的重要变量。 在总结近年来国内外团队冲突研究成果的基础上, 研究中国文化背景下的不同类型冲突对团队决策质量认知和满意度的影响。 通过对156名企业맜理人员的问卷调查, 发现中国企业맜理人员对团队内冲突同样可以区分为关系冲突和任务冲突两个维度, 两种冲突都对决策满意度有负面影响, 其中关系冲突对于任务冲突和决策满意度有中介作用。


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Translated from Guanli pinglun 管理评论 (Management Review), 2007, 19(7): 10–15

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Lang, C., Xi, Y. & Guo, S. Impact of team conflict on team decision quality and satisfaction: An empirical research in China. Front. Bus. Res. China 2, 1–14 (2008).

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  • team conflict
  • relationship conflict
  • task conflict
  • decision quality
  • decision satisfaction


  • 团队冲突
  • 关系冲突
  • 任务冲突
  • 决策质量
  • 决策满意度