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A content analysis of the newspaper advertisements westernization in China


The purpose of this study is, by means of studying the changes in Chinese advertisements’ contents and forms over a decade, to evaluate the advertising westernization in China and to provide suggestions for Chinese companies in selecting proper advertising strategies. If relatively typical Western cultural characteristics are presented in Chinese advertisements, it indicates that the cultural distance between East and West is reduced, and standardization strategies may be a better choice for foreign enterprises. Otherwise, they should adopt specialization or combined strategies.


通过研究中国广告的内容及形式, 发现在广告内容及形式上的变化情况, 判断出中国广告西方化程度, 从而对企业采取何种广告传播策略提供参考。 如果中国广告中呈现较浓的西方文化特征, 可以从侧面说明东西方文化差距减小, 标准化广告策略可能是外商企业的一个较好的广告传播策略。 否则, 就应采用差异化广告策略和组合策略。


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