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Exploration and test of a model of employees’ voluntary turnover in China


By collecting a nationwide sample, the model of employee voluntary turnover in China is explored. There are three conclusions: 1. there exist significant correlation between any two variables including salary, job involvement, interpersonal support, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover intention; 2. job involvement, interpersonal support and salary predict significantly organizational commitment, and interpersonal support and salary predicted significant job satisfaction; 3. job satisfaction can predict significantly turnover intention.


通过采集全国范围的样本来探讨我国雇员主动离职模型, 可发现: 1. 薪酬福利、工作投入、人际支持、工作满意度、组织承诺度、离职倾向之间均存在显著相关; 2. 工作投入、人际支持、薪酬福利对组织承诺度有显著的预测作用, 同时人际支持和薪酬福利对工作满意度也有显著的预测作用; 3. 工作满意度对离职倾向有显著的预测作用。


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Translated from Xinli Kexue 心理科学 (Psychological Science), 2005, 28(3): 711–712

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