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How to measure brand relationship quality?

Frontiers of Business Research in ChinaSelected Publications from Chinese Universities1:17


    The aim of this research is to develop a new evaluation approach based on a brand relationship index model (BRI model), which includes a three stage study on the indicator system; indicator weight; and indicator integration. Based on brand identity theory and interpersonal relationship theory, four-brand relationship participants and three-brand relationship natures are put forward to make up a hypothesis of twelve-dimension brand relationships. Through a series of empirical studies based on exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), a five-dimension structure of brand relationships is obtained, which is the basis of the indicator system. Indicator weight is calculated by the normalization of path coefficients derived from a second order factor analysis of the five dimensions. Indicator integration is based on the Weighted Sum method. Based on these three ingredients, the brand relationship index (BRI) model is developed. According to analysis of data on ten mobile phone brands, the BRI model is tested.


    • brand relationships
    • relationship quality
    • relationship evaluation
    • index model