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Table 1 Notable research on subjective norms affecting purchase attitude

From: Identifying the key purchase factors for organic food among Chinese consumers

Research topic Citation Country context
Consumers’ attitude and intention toward organic food purchase Irianto (2015) Indonesia
Consumers’ actual buying behavior toward organic food products Singh and Verma (2017) India
The effect of social norms and product knowledge on purchase of organic cotton Han and Stoel (2016) The United States
Impact of culture, behavior, and gender on green purchase intention Sreen et al. (2018) India
Application of the TPB to green hotel choice Han et al. (2010) The United States
Predicting organic food consumption, based on the TPB Scalco et al. (2017) European Union
Subjective norms, attitudes, and intentions of Finnish consumers in buying organic food Tarkiainen and Sundqvist (2005) Finland
The role of subjective norms in the TPB, in the context of organic food consumption Al-Swidi et al. (2014) Pakistan