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Table 4 Summary of performance

From: Building stock market resilience through digital transformation: using Google trends to analyze the impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Level of digital transformation Sector Group Sensitive Resilient
High Biotechnologyc; Group 1 32%b 68%b
Information technology services;
Financial conglomerates;
Internet software/services;
Telecommunications equipment;
Data processing services;
Personnel services;
Advertising/marketing services;
Specialty telecommunications;
Wireless telecommunications
Medium Real estate investment trusts; Group 2 52%a 48%a
Pharmaceuticals: majord;
Pharmaceuticals: otherd;
Oil and gas production;
Electric utilities;
Wholesale distributors;
Chemicals: specialty;
Real estate development;
Apparel/footwear retail;
Trucks/construction/farm machinery
Low Agricultural commodities/milling; Group 3 60% 40%
Hotels/resorts/cruise lines;
Managed health care
  1. asignificant at 1% level, bsignificant at 5% level; c85 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies were removed from the Biotechnology sector; d244 pharmaceutical companies were removed