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Table 1 Constructs and measurements

From: Do you respond sincerely? How sellers’ responses to online reviews affect customer relationship and repurchase intention

Construct Measurement
Relationship quality (De Wulf et al. 2001) As a regular customer, I have a high-quality relationship with this store.
I am satisfied with the relationship I have with this store.
I have trust in this store.
This store gives me a feeling of trust.
This store gives me a trustworthy impression.
I am willing to remain a customer of this store with more time and energy.
I intend to keep a relationship with this store over the long term.
I feel loyal towards this store.
Repurchase intention (Tsai and Huang 2007) I would purchase at this store if I want a new pair of pants.
Perceived purpose of response The purpose of the seller’s response is to promote themselves rather than sincerely deliver gratitude/an apology.
Satisfaction (Fornell et al. 1996) I am satisfied with this purchase experience.