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Table 1 The brief review of the application of DEMATEL-ANP and BWM techniques in risk management

From: Risk identification and prioritization in banking projects of payment service provider companies: an empirical study

Literature Subject Methodology
Nazeri and Naderikia (2017) Identification of the critical risk factors in maintenance management DEMATEL-ANP
Fazli et al. (2015) Crude oil supply chain risk management DEMATEL-ANP
Zhou et al. (2014) Safety assessment of high-risk hydropower-construction-project work system DEMATEL-ANP
Ouyang et al. (2013) Information security risk control assessment DEMATEL-ANP
Tsai et al. (2013) Information technology auditing and risk control in resource planning DEMATEL-ANP
Mohaghar et al. (2017) Appraisal of humanitarian supply chain risks BWM
Torabi et al. (2016) Risk assessment framework for business
continuity management systems