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Table 6 A summary table of abbreviations used in this paper

From: Deep learning in finance and banking: A literature review and classification

ACC Actual correlation coefficient MAPE Mean absolute percent error
ANN Artificial neural network MCC Matthews correlation coefficient
ARMA Auto-regressive-moving-average ML Machine learning
CNN Convolutional neural networks MLP Multi-layer perceptron
DBN Deep belief networks MSE Mean squared error
DL Deep learning NMSE Normalized mean square error
DNN Deep neural network NN Neural network
DPA Directional predictive accuracy PCA Principal component analysis
EMH Efficient market hypothesis RBM Restricted Boltzmann machine
FNN Feedforward neural network RL Reinforcement learning
GA Genetic algorithm RMSE Root mean squared error
GAN generative adversarial network RNN Recurrent neural network
GARCH Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity RNN(O) Other recurrent neural networks except for LSTM
kNN k-nearest neighbors SAEs Stacked autoencoders
LSTM Long short-term memory SVM Support vector machine
MA Moving average VAR Vector autoregression
MAE Mean absolute error