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Table 1 Variable description and source

From: Does distance matter in foreign direct investment sub-national location choice? Evidence from China

Variable Description Source
Dependent variable
FDI Logarithm of annual FDI inflow from a home country to a host province (USD10,000) China Statistical Yearbook
Independent variables of home countries
GDP_pc Logarithm of GDP per capita (constant 2010 USD) World Bank
POP Logarithm of midyear estimates of all residents including legal status and citizenship World Bank
RD Medium- and high-tech industry (% manufacturing value added) United Nations Industrial Development Organization,
Competitive Industrial Performance database
Independent variables of host regions
GDP_pc Logarithm of real GDP per capita (constant 2010 RMB) China Statistical Yearbook
POP Logarithm of total population at the end of year China Statistical Yearbook
BA Takes the value of 1 if the region has duty free port, and 0 otherwise Manual collections by the author
Linkage variables
DIST Logarithm of direct distance between the capital cities of pair regions Google maps, and calculations by the author
CULT Takes the value of 1 if the region ever had a business contact with foreign firms from 1840 to 1978, and 0 otherwise Manual collections by the author
SIMI An index measuring the economic similarity of a pair of regions Calculated by the author