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Table 6 Bootstrapping results for testing the mediating effect of self-efficacy and academic engagement

From: How does the servant supervisor influence the employability of postgraduates? Exploring the mechanisms of self-efficacy and academic engagement

  Indirect effect b Bootstrapped t standard error Indirect effects (bias corrected and accelerated 95% confidence interval)
1 Servant supervision → Self-efficacy → Employability 0.098 0.208 [0.061 0.143]
2 Servant supervision → Academic engagement → Employability 0.165 0.024 [0.122 0.218]
  1. Notes. N = 598. Intercepts were allowed to vary across supervisory units. All variables were measured at the individual follower level (Level 1) of analysis. The 95% confidence intervals for the conditional indirect effects, the conditional direct effects were calculated using PROCESS bootstrapping with 5000 replications. The 95% bias corrected bootstrapped confidence interval does not include zero; p < 0.05 (single-tailed)