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Table 1 Licensed consumer finance companies as of June 2019

From: Chinese consumer finance: a primer

Company name Date of license issue Registered capital (RMB billion) Main shareholders Location
Bank of Beijing Consumer Finance February 2010 0.85 Beijing Bank Beijing
Sichuan Jincheng Consumer Finance March 2010 0.32 Chengdu Bank, Malaysian Hong Leong Bank Chengdu
BOC Consumer Finance June 2010 0.89 Bank of China Shanghai
Home Credit Consumer Finance October 2010 7.00 Home Credit B.V. Tianjin
Haier Cash December 2014 1.00 Haier Group Qingdao
Industrial Consumer Finance December 2014 1.20 Industrial Bank Quanzhou
Mashang Consumer Finance December 2014 4.00 Chongqing Bank Chongqing
China Post Consumer Finance January 2015 3.00 Postal Savings Bank of China Guangzhou
Merchants Union Consumer Finance March 2015 3.20 China Merchants Bank, China Unicom Shenzhen
Hubei Consumer Finance April 2015 0.30 Hubei Bank Wuhan
Suning Consumer Finance May 2015 0.30 Nanjing
Hangyin Consumer Finance July 2015 0.50 Hangzhou Bank Hangzhou
Huarong Consumer Finance October 2015 1.00 China Huarong Asset Management Hefei
Jinshang Consumer Finance February 2016 0.50 Jinshang Bank Taiyuan
Shengjing Bank Consumer Finance February 2016 0.30 Shengjing Bank Shenyang
Shaanxi Changyin Consumer Finance June 2016 0.36 Chang’an Bank Xi’an
Harbin Bank Consumer Finance September 2016 0.50 Harbin Bank Harbin
Shanghai Shang Cheng Consumer Finance November 2016 1.00 Bank of Shanghai Shanghai
Zhong Yuan Consumer Finance December 2016 0.50 Zhong Yuan Bank Zhengzhou
Baoyin Consumer Finance December 2016 0.30 Baoshang Bank Baotou
Changyin 58 Consumer Finance December 2016 0.30 Bank of Changsha, Changsha
Hebei Happy Consumer Finance June 2017 0.30 Zhangjiakou Bank, UCAR Inc Shijiazhuang
Jinmeixin Consumer Finance September 2018 0.50 CTBC Bank, Xiamen Financial Investment Group, Gome Holdings Group Xiamen
CITIC Consumer Finance June 2019 0.30 CITIC Group, Kingdee Beijing
Beijing Sunshine Consumer Finance In progress 1.00 China Everbright Bank Beijing
  1. Source: Centre for China in the World Economy (2018); various news reports and official websites