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Table 7 Results of mediation effect using bootstrapping method

From: Reducing turnover intention: perceived organizational support for frontline employees

 Direct effectPOS  TI−0.1610.056−2.8920.004−0.271−0.052
 Indirect effect processPOS  BO−0.3220.058−5.5470−0.436− 0.208
 Total effectPOS  TI−0.3270.062−5.3160−0.448−0.207
EffectEstimateBoot SEBootLLCIBootULCIZp 
 POS  BOTI−0.1660.034−0.237− 0.102−4.9150
  1. Notes. Results are based on 5000 bootstrap samples. LLCI, ULCI, BootLLCI, and ULCI are 95% confidence intervals; TI Turnover intention, BO Burnout, POS Perceived organizational support