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Table 3 Most cited research papers in our selection (Top 5)

From: Marketing research in China during the 40-year reform and opening

TitleResearch elements
AuthorsYearResarch question/purposeMain findingJournal nameCitation
The effects of strategic orientations on technology- and market-based breakthrough innovationsZhou et al.2005What is the strategic orientation’s effect on different types of innovation(technological-based or market-based)?Different market forces exert significant influence on technology- and market-based innovations, and these two types of innovations affect firm performance differently.Journal of Marketing558
Market knowledge dimensions and cross-functional collaboration: Examining the different routes to product innovation performanceLuca et al.2007What are the dimensions or characteristics of market knowledge and how and why these resources influence product innovation performance?Market knowledge specificity and cross-functional collaboration affect product innovation performance through knowledge integration mechanisms.The effect of market knowledge depth is partially mediated, market knowledge breadth has a direct, unmediated effect on product innovation performance.Journal of Marketing324
Radical innovation across nations: The preeminence of corporate cultureTellis et al.2009How coporate culture affect radical innovation?Corporate culture is the strongest driver of radical innovation across nations; culture consists of three attitudes and three practices. The commercialization of radical innovations translates into a firm’s financial performance.Journal of Marketing276
The effects of business and political ties on firm performance: Evidence from ChinaSheng et al.2011What are the different roles business versus political ties play on firm performance?Business ties have a stronger positive effect on performance than political ties, and both effects depend on institutional and market environments.Journal of Marketing251
Impact of emerging markets on marketing: Rethinking existing perspectives and practicesSheth2011Rethinking the core assumptions of marketing, such as market orientation, market segmentation, and differential advantage in emerging market.Five key characteristics of emerging markets—market heterogeneity, sociopolitical governance, chronic shortage of resources, unbranded competition, and inadequate infrastructure.Journal of Marketing241
  1. Notes.Citation data is on Web of Science till October 2018