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Table 2 The method for determination of relevancy

From: Marketing research in China during the 40-year reform and opening

Level of relevancyIdentifiersExample
China oriented dataComparative studyUnique Chinese contextChina oriented constructsChina oriented discussion
1   Calantone et al. (1996); Song et al. (2000); Grewal and Dharwadkar (2002); Chan et al. (2010); Samaha et al. (2014)
2  Schmitt et al. (1994); Luo et al. (2006); Dong and Tian (2009); Keh and Pang (2010); Hermosilla et al. (2018)
3  Tavassoli (1999); Zhang and Schmitt (2001); Fang et al. (2008); Petersen et al. (2015); Wang et al. (2017a)
4 Tse et al. (1989); Zhou et al. (2005); Gu et al. (2008); Chu and Manchanda (2016); Wu (2015)
  1. Notes.The paper surveyed is more relevant to China when the level of relevancy is higher