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Table 7 Example dataset

From: Helping consumers to overcome information overload with a diversified online review subset

# Review
1 This one just seems reasonable and you get more value for your money, compared to similar phones that want to mark up the price ridiculously. If you are on the fence wondering if this is a good option for you, I would say it is for what you pay. MP just needs to focus on expanding into the U.S. market better and give more support for U.S. cell bands. But other than that, this phone is superb. I will definitely consider purchasing more phones like this one from them in the future. I am increasingly surprised by what MP can produce. No major problems here, keep it up.
2 I sold cell phones for over 18 years and the quality of this phone is top notch!
3 Great phone for the price. A lot of people here are negative and I had a lot of second thoughts of buying this phone, I just said I did and I love it and cannot complain.
4 As one coming from the MP2, I do miss the Ultra Power Saving mode, but I am pleased with the phone/screen size, memory space and quality of the camera.
5 For this price point, it is an amazing deal. MP really has done it again. Really fast speed, paired with MP providing an almost MP1 level of smoothness. Battery life is amazing. With a monster 4000 mAh battery, this phone easily lasts for two days of charge. Call quality is great. Tons of memory, and a great screen makes this phone an amazing deal.
6 The phone was much higher quality than I expected! Very impressive battery life, good camera, and sharp design. Granted, I have only had the phone for a couple days. I am sure that some problems will reveal themselves in the future, but at this point I have no complaints.
7 This is the first time I have purchased a 100% Chinese handset and I must say I am very impressed. The packaging came very nicely packed and in a timely manner, a usual forte of Amazon.
8 Running speed is smooth. Excellent camera. Full day battery and charges very quickly. Screen does great job of being scratch free. The price $200 unlocked an excellent buy.
9 The battery life is really awesome, this phone has everything for a good price. It does not have the quick charge. But with the great battery life, it is not necessary.
10 I was nervous about buying this phone since I had never heard of the brand but I could not pass it up. Those specs at such a low price? Count me in! I am super glad I took the chance too. This is one of the best phones I have ever had, hands down. The camera is incredible, the battery just lasts forever, and the speed is really fast. Seriously, take the chance, you will not be disappointed!
11 I have only had the phone a few days but so far so good. Its speed is very fast for the price. You cannot go wrong. The only bad thing is that it does not have wifi calling nor does it have a face recognition software but otherwise great phone for the price.
12 I have had this phone for about a month now. The cameras are great. The screen is beautiful and huge and speed has been fast enough for anything I can throw at it. I am shocked with how amazing this phone is for this price. MP is pretty good and the themes are clean.
13 I ordered this phone about four months ago switching from an MP1 to this. The price is incredible for what it is. The screen is amazing, has faster download speeds, camera is astonishing, the battery is amazing, and it is easy to navigate through MP. Recommend it all the way.
14 The product came early more than I had expected. Packaging with safety box. The phone was in original box with all tools.
15 I am loving MP. It has some pretty cool features. Battery life is great and camera is also no slouch. Definitely recommend.
16 A great value! I love this phone, it does everything I need and more. The battery life is outstanding and the camera produces high-quality images. I highly recommend this phone!
17 Phone is absolutely fabulous. Touch screen and screen size is amazing. As mentioned in specification RAM and processors, the speed is fast. Only thing you are not used to use bigger screen phone then you may find it difficult initially to operate this phone.
18 Great phone with good price.
19 So far I have no complaints... The camera is great and its speed is really quick to respond even with a lot of apps open...
20 Overall appearance of the phone is great. Camera quality is awesome... A quality product in less price.
21 Gets the job done, pretty big battery.
22 Bigger screen that I thought, like the MP1’s. Overall, good value.
23 Great phone for the price, for those of you that have issues as to how long the screen takes to pop after it is locked...
24 From the surface this phone is a steal of a value, and it is. The screen is gorgeous, the UI is quick and snappy (but definitely lacks customization options), and overall very satisfying phone to use.
25 Really like the phone. Everything is good—speed, camera, and so on. Did not like ads in system apps but there is a way how to turn them off.
26 This is a beautiful phone but the battery in my device seems to be defective because the battery goes from 100 to 0 within 30 mins. This seller and Amazon refused to help fix this problem and wants me to spend more money than I paid for the phone to do a return, so I have lost all my money on this defective product.
27 The problem is sometimes when I touch the screen, the screen is senseless it happens every day since I bought this phone. So is this really brand-new?
28 The camera quality is piss poor, having four cameras does not make for better pictures, especially when two of them are dormant and useless outside the camera app. Selfies are blurry, and colors are off balance. Unless the phone is completely still on a clear, sunny day, the picture quality is just garbage. They turn out blurry and unclear. And color reproduction is far off key. I cannot express just how bad the camera is on this phone, among the worst I have used.
29 I found the big screen and camera disappointing!
30 Screen scratches easily like phones from 2008. Speed becomes slow after two weeks of use.