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Table 1 Objective function values of review subsets

From: Helping consumers to overcome information overload with a diversified online review subset

S Value S Value
{r1, r2, r3} 6.2162 {r2, r3, r4} 6.1111
{r1, r2, r4} 5.8333 {r2, r3, r5} 5.2500
{r1, r2, r5} 4.9180 {r2, r3, r6} 6.5217
{r1, r2, r6} 4.8718 {r2, r4, r5} 5.2778
{r1, r3, r4} 6.6316 {r2, r4, r6} 5.1923
{r1, r3, r5} 5.6075 {r2, r5, r6} 5.4839
{r1, r3, r6} 5.5882 {r3, r4, r5} 2.1591
{r1, r4, r5} 5.2941 {r3, r4, r6} 2.0769
{r1, r4, r6} 4.2149 {r3, r5, r6} 2.0648
{r1, r5, r6} 4.3636 {r4, r5, r6} 1.7510