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Table 2 Results of reliability analysis

From: Differentiation and pricing power of online retailers

Variable Factor Loading Cronbach’s Alpha Reference
Logistics quality (LQ)   0.834 Zehir and Narcıkara (2016)
This online retailer handles orders quickly (a1) 0.691  
You can check the progress of goods logistics accurately here (a2) 0.826  
The goods can reach you as soon as possible (a3) 0.762  
Online-offline integration (OI)   0.891 This research
It has an offline experience store (a4) 0.856  
It sells goods both online and offline (a5) 0.884  
You can place orders online and pick up goods offline (a6) 0.841  
Transaction security (TS)   0.913 Park and Kim (2003)
My private information is managed securely on this site (a7) 0.872  
I am sure that payment information will be protected in this site (a8) 0.847  
This site provides detailed information about security (a9) 0.841  
Commodity quality (CQ)   0.897 Davari et al. (2016)
This online store offers quality goods (a10) 0.781  
This online store offers reliable goods (a11) 0.804  
This online store offers goods that lasts (a12) 0.720  
Commodity assortment (CA)   0.823 Davari et al. (2016)
The online store has a wide variety of products to choose from (a13) 0.796  
Current fashions and new products are easily available at this online store (a14) 0.778  
The online store stocks “brand name” merchandise (a15) 0.793  
Customer loyalty (CL)   0.880 Zeithaml et al. (1996)
Srinivasan et al. (2002)
When I need to make a purchase, this online retailor is my first choice (a16) 0.710  
To me this online retailor website is the best retail website to do business with (a17) 0.775  
I will recommend this online retailor to my friends (a18) 0.781  
Pricing power (PP)   0.935 Zeithaml et al. (1996)
Srinivasan et al. (2002)
Will you continue to do business with this website if its prices increase somewhat (a19) 0.796  
Will you stop doing business with this website if its competitors’ prices decrease somewhat (a20) 0.898  
Will you pay a higher price at this website relative to the competition for the same benefit (a21) 0.915