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Table 3 Factors affect entrepreneurs’ possession of foreign residency rights

From: The effects of entrepreneurial long-term commitment on post-IPO performance: Chinese evidence

(1) Marginal effects (dy/dx)
SIZE_IPO 0.380a (4.72) 0.034
ROA_IPO 2.653a (9.82) 0.238
LEV_IPO −1.323 (−1.46) −0.119
FIRM_AGE 0.053a (11.50) 0.005
OVERSEAS_STUDY 0.581b (1.98) 0.052
OVERSEAS_WORK 3.386a (22.74) 0.304
MULTISHAREHOLDERS 0.672a (7.37) 0.060
DUMMY_SH 1.558a (8.68) 0.140
DUMMY_FJ_GD 0.757a (7.32) 0.068
Industry fixed effects included? Yes  
No. of obs. 1161  
Pseudo R2 0.273  
  1. This table presents results of a logit regression of entrepreneurs’ possession of foreign residency rights on some firm, region and individual characteristics. The table shows the baseline estimation results, along with marginal effects. t-values are reported in parentheses. Standard error is clustered at the industry level. The sample includes 1218 non-state IPO firms for the period 2006 to 2015. See Appendix for variable definitions
  2. a, b, and c stand for significance at the 1, 5, and 10% level, respectively