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Table 7 Indicators for the FM of face and incremental generalized measurement indicators

From: Why it is hard to explain Chinese face?—FACE measurement models and its influence on ecological product preference

Dimensions Indicators Description
Morality-oriented face FMF1 I behave indecently in public.
FMF2 I was told that I am immoral.
FMF3 I have uncivilized behavior.
FMF4 Bad habits are known by others.
FMF5 I quarrel with others in public.
FMF6 I have no shame, doing something low and cheap.
Ability-oriented face FMF7 Compared with my peers, I lead a worse life.
FMF8 My child or I am not able to enter a university.
FMF9 I am bad at learning/working.
FMF10 Friends are talking about a topic that I know nothing about.
Status-oriented face FMF11 I work in a small company.
FMF12 My income is low.
FMF13 My housing conditions are poor.
FMF14 I always take a crowded bus to work.
Social relationship-oriented face FMF15 People openly criticize me.
FMF16 I get refused when turning to people for help.
FMF17 I don’t bring enough money when treating others to a meal.
Generalized measurement indicators ALLF1 In daily life, I care about my own face.
AMF1 When my conduct is questioned by others, I feel I have no face.
AAF1 When I am not as capable as others, I feel I have no face.
ASF1 When I do not have the same social status as others, I feel no face.
ARF1 When I am embarrassed in social interactions with others, I feel I have no face.
ALLF2 Generally, I think I care about face a lot.