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Table 5 AVE and CR of the RM of Face

From: Why it is hard to explain Chinese face?—FACE measurement models and its influence on ecological product preference

  Morality-oriented face Ability-oriented face Status-oriented face Social relationship-oriented face
Morality-oriented face 0.7656    
Ability-oriented face 0.312a 0.7966   
Status-oriented face 0.306a 0.463a 0.8490  
Social relationship-oriented face 0.309a 0.414a 0.403a 0.8310
AVE 0.5861 0.6345 0.7208 0.6905
  1. Notes. aindicates the two-tailed tests are significant at the 0.01 level. The value on the diagonal is the square root of AVE, and below the diagonal is correlation coefficient value between latent variables