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Table 2 Measure indicators combined with previous findings and in-depth interviews

From: Why it is hard to explain Chinese face?—FACE measurement models and its influence on ecological product preference

Indicators Detail description Source
GF1 I hope that I can solve problems others cannot. Zhang (2012)
GF2 I long to possess something people desire to own but do not.
GF3 I want others to think well of me.
GF4 I hope I can let others know I have some friends with high status.
GF5 I hope in others’ eyes, I have a better life than the majority.
GF6 I will try my best to conceal my drawbacks in front of others.b
GF7 I am concerned about others’ attitudes towards me. Chan et al. (2009)
GF8 I am concerned about others’ criticism towards me.
GF9 I am concerned about others’ looking down upon on me.
GF10 My identity and social status are essential to myself.b
GF11 What I consume should correspond to my identity and social status.b Li and Su (2007)
GF12 When buying a gift for someone, I am usually concerned about the prestige of the gift.a
GF13 I hope in others’ opinion, I perform better than the majority.b Organized by in-depth interviews
GF14 I hope compared with others’ possessions, I own something of higher class.
GF15 I think no matter how hard it is, one should maintain the same consumption level as others.b
GF16 I hope I know a lot of people.
GF17 I hope I have friends with high status.
GF18 I hope my friends will give me a hand unhesitatingly when I have trouble.a
GF19 I hope I can have good conversation and interaction with others during social activities.
GF20 I hope I can behave well.
GF21 I hope I can become a model others look up to.
GF22 I pay attention to my performance in public.a
GF23 I am concerned about whether what I do accords with my identity.
GF24 I am concerned about whether my behavior meets the social norms.
GF25 If I do something indecent, I will feel embarrassed.
  1. Notes. aindicates that the question was excluded after SPSS reliability analysis; bindicates that the question was excluded after LISREL exploratory analysis