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Table 1 Summary of measurement scales on face

From: Why it is hard to explain Chinese face?—FACE measurement models and its influence on ecological product preference

Scholars (year) Genre of measurement scale Item number Dimensions
Chen (1982) RM 40 Love face (i.e. concerned about face a lot), Thin face (i.e. easy to feel ashamed when losing face)
Chou (1996) RM 50 Protective face orientation, Acquisitive face orientation
Chan et al. (2009) RM 8 Concern for face
Bao and Zhao (2009) FM 35 Ability-based face need, Relationship-based face need and Morality-based face need
Shi et al. (2012) FM 22 Morality-oriented face, Ability-oriented face, Status-oriented face and Social relationship-oriented face
Zhang et al. (2012) RM 11 Desire to gain face, Fear of losing face